About Thematics

the·mat·ic  +  sche·mat·ic  =  Digital Agency.


     /THəˈmadik/   noun  plural noun: thematics                /skēˈmadik/  noun  plural noun: schematics

    1. A body of topics for study or discussion.                 1. A technical diagram reflecting a scheme.



What do we mean by real Media?

Charles Kirby, founder and executive producer.

Charles Kirby, founder and executive producer.

A new Digital Agency

A "reel" of celluloid used to run through a projector and, using light and sound waves, told a story on The Big Screen; now a TV is a piece of furniture in your living room. We have been here the whole time and now we are changing the way Creatives tell their story.
@Thematics a full service Digital Agency where your brand identifies itself through Augmented Reality Apps. We work with a series of bleeding edge technology and age old interpersonal techniques to tell a story tailored to your story.

charles kirby

I started Thematics in 1994 after I trained as a set, lighting and projection designer for theater at Syracuse University. I have since worked in the Art Departments of many films and collaborated with tremendous human beings.
I am the inventor of an LED and Fiber Optic Model Lighting System called LIGHTBOX.
I am the developer of CollabRjabbR, a study in big data and the role it might play in our industry.
Process Conversations is our vlog, On the REAL REEL and The Incoherents are a foray in to producing. #theyknew will be my directorial debut.