Process in Conversations

PROCESS is a current, ever-changing discussion in my head and heart; it has been a process that I have been going through consciously since my parents, William and Nancy, separated when I was six years old, and I now realize, subconsciously, the discussion has been going on even longer than that. 

Historically and in the future, this moment is on a continuum and along that infinite line, is your PROCESS; the blip that led you to read this, the intersection between your process and my process; your art and my website, your spectrum of seen and unseen waves and my spectrum.

It may be an infinite time line, it may be better represented as a spectrum of light or sound waves metaphor, but, either way, it is a web of threads that intersect to create a net and we are all a part of it.

I am on the spectrum of art over science.  Not in a way that i rank them but more like a math equation; literally ART divided by SCIENCE. Most of my family, my students and my co-collaborators have mentioned in one way or another that I am "outside of the box", risky and pathologically empathetic.

This all leads me to a moment where I began shooting with my new iPhone. I asked my friends and colleagues (and even some peeps I don't know at all) to talk about their  : :  P  R  O  C  E  S  S : : I hope you enjoy and check back and LIKE our Process Page on Facebook to get notifications of when new conversations go up; there isn't much more rhyme or reason to the periodical except the opportunity arises and i ask the seven questions.



And sometimes I cannot resist including PROCESS interviews that I did not conduct myself but I am sure they round out my process....enjoy!